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Antique French door (100.5x41.5) E1194

Antique French door (100.5x41.5) E1194

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Antique French panel double doors imported from Egypt, made out of massive East European pine. They were pulled out of buildings and are architectural salvage. They are not brand new and do have wear and tear.


E1194: 100.5x41.5 *As is: right door 20" 3/8, left door 21"
E1188: 100.25x41.25
E1196: 100.25x41.25
E1199: 100.25x41.25

*These doors come in various sizes and at times the sizes might be off a quarter of an inch.
**Imperfections are part of the charm of our antique doors

Please contact us with any questions.
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